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Fantasy Faces makes no warranty about the suitability or fitness for any purpose of its services at any particular event for which it may be booked to provide face painting. It is entirely up to the customer or client to decide where and when face painting is desirable, and said customer or client is solely responsible for any consequences of having face painting at their event.

There are many different materials used in the paints, with potentially unpredictable interactions with the enormous number of different skin types, lotions, fragrances, clothing materials and clothing treatments​​​​. Therefore Fantasy Faces, while being unaware of any problems caused by the face paint, cannot and does not accept responsibility for any unpredictable problem which may result from such interaction.

​​Fantasy Faces guarantees satisfaction with the service performed at any event. However, any remedy is limited to the paid price of the service provided. If someone is dissatisfied with the service, and explains the reason, Fantasy Faces will refund up to the total amount paid or provide equivalent service at a later time (not both), but cannot and will not compensate anyone for any alleged harm resulting from any alleged shortcoming in the face painting, other than the stated above.

Fantasy Faces is an entertainment service, not a babysitting service. At least one other adult must be available and have responsibility for any childcare problems which may arise during the event. Fantasy Faces cannot and will not assume responsibility for the children's safety during the event, since the artist's attention must be focused on a different role.​​