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No Nonsense Privacy Policy

Fantasy Faces is in the business of entertaining, not the business of collecting, buying, or selling personal information about you. ​​Therefore Fantasy Faces supports the following No Nonsense Privacy Policy:

​​This website does not collect, store, use, or distribute any personal information about you whatsoever, not does it use cookies ​or ​web bugs which could provide an opportunity for others, less scrupulous, to obtain personal information about you.

For the purpose of preventing "hacking" the site will collect and keep for only a very brief time a log of accesses to the site, but ​​that information will never be attached to any personal information about anyone accessing the site.

Obviously, when someone books Fantasy Faces for their event, other information must be collected, such as name and phone ​number, and the location where the event is to be held. Similarly, if you sign up for our e-mail list, the information entered will ​be used solely for the purpose of notifying you of upcoming events and/or general information.​​​​

Fantasy Faces will never sell or distribute your personal information to any other person, company, or agency, in any way, shape ​or form. Fantasy Faces also will never buy personal information about anyone from any outside source.​​